60 Min Full Body Swedish Massage
$6560 mn
Will use medium to firm pressure to release muscle tension in the body
60 Min Swedish Massage with Aromatherapy
$6960 mn
Incorporating aromatherapy will enhance your massage to promote relief and deep relaxation
60 Min Swedish Peppermint Scalp Massage
$6760 mn
Will enhance your sense of relaxation and headache relief using the therapeutic benefits of peppermint
60 Min Swedish with Mini Hot Stone Aroma Massage
$8560 mn
Will enhance your sense of relaxation by using multiple modalities (hot stone, aromatherapy, etc.) to promote pain relief
50 Min Cupping Massage
$6950 mn
Will use cupping to promote pain relief in the areas that are most affected
50 Min Swedish/Hot Stone Massage
$6950 mn
Will enhance your sense of relaxation using hot stones for deeper pain relief
60 Min Swedish Massage Mini Reflexology
$7960 mn
Will massage several points that will relieve stress in the body
50 Min Hands and Feet Massage
$5950 mn
Will increase relaxation to your hands and feet with some much needed TLC
60 Min Full Body Hot Stone Massage
$7560 mn
Will use hot stones to help ensure the massage penetrates into the deepest parts of your muscles for pain relief
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