About Me: I am a graduate from the American Institute of Massage Therapy in Pompano Beach, Florida. I have been practicing massage therapy for over 15 years. I am a warm, engaging and empathic therapist whose ultimate goal is to give 100% by using my hands to therapeutically “heal” your ailments and ensure you don’t leave the same way you came in. If you have never made an appointment with me, do it today! And find out why my business is called “The Final Touch Massage…”

Massage Therapy

Learn about some of the different massage therapies I offer below:

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage therapy involves gentle, long, kneading strokes, in addition to light, rhythmic-like, tapping strokes on the top most layers of your muscles. This is also often combined with movement of the joints (e.g., elbows, knee, etc.). By relieving muscle tension in the body, Swedish massage therapy can be simultaneously relaxing and energizing.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage refers to any hands-on massage that one receives during or after one’s pregnancy (prenatal or postnatal massage). Research has shown that prenatal massage (when done correctly) can lead to lowered anxiety, decreased back/leg pain, improved sleep, and an improvement in overall mood.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage therapy involves placing warmed stones on certain areas of the body such as acupressure points. The stones can then be used as massage tools or may be left in place temporarily. Hot stone massage therapy can be very relaxing and soothing as they transmit the heat deep into your body, muscles and areas of tension. 

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